Welcome To SVS Believers

Vision & Mission

To design & build the facilities in lesser time with high quality & at lower cost, which brings an immense pleasure to the end user.

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Mr. Vishwas Bhake brings a unique combination of technical skills in construction engineering and commercial acumen. He was instrumental in coming up with customer centric innovative solutions and    (Read More…)

Who We Are

We are a group of experts for complex engineering projects and interdisciplinary & technical complete solutions.
SuVaSu Believers is a solidarity -minded company,
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What We Do

Project planning and computation
Tendering and award of contract
Project management
Control and monitoring
Surveys and consultancy
Due Diligence
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SVS Believers

SuVaSu Believers is a solidarity -minded company. Our generation model opens the way for employees to become partners over the years. Our integrative approach is the core of successful engineering. 

Based on our network of expertise including a wide range of disciplines and researches we keep our finger on the pulse of development. Thus we meet the challenges both of new technologies and of the future.


Promise of Excellence

SVS Believers is among India’s top upcoming startup Structural Consulting firms, providing services to architects, owners, contractors and developers

Since our establishment as a proprietary practice by Vishwas W Bhake, we have designed countless landmarks with projects spread across myriad geographies and built environments, thereby establishing our reputation for excellence in Consulting and Design and the ability to respond quickly to the demands of every project.

With our main design office located in Mumbai, SVS Believers synergises its strengths in technical expertise, cutting-edge software modelling and analysis tools, along with the best talent, to deliver innovative and technically sound yet constructible and economical structural design solutions to our clients.


  • Structural Design Consultancy
  • Proof Checking Designs
  • Sufficiency of Structural Design Audits
  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Owner’s Engineer
  • Review & Inspection of Work
  • Construction Methodology & Progress Assessments
  • Audit of Quality Control Mechanisms
  • Quality Control & Assurance
  • HSE Methodology & Implementations
  • Quantity Surveying & Cost Management
  • Bill Checking & Verifications
  • Land Surveying & Mapping Services
  • Geo Engineering
  • Contracts & Tendering
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  • Project Planning & Scheduling
  • Fire Fighting, Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC Design Consultancy